Private Clients

Is your body tired, sick, dragging you down and holding you back?

3 months of commitment to change will bring
you results
that years of expensive supplements cannot.

When I committed to 3 months of learning how to eat again, a WORLD OF HEALTH opened up for me and my family. Once you taste that kind of freedom, there's just no turning back!

I am committed to empowering you with the knowledge to heal your body from the roots up with the simple, beautiful power of food.

Call me your Wellness Sherpa
because together we're going to find
your route to wellness!

What you bring to the table

- Buying and reading Dr Natasha’s book (either Gut and Psychology Syndrome or Gut and

Physiology Syndrome)

- Sending daily journal entries detailing food, supplements, symptoms and questions

- Commiting to using quality ingredients and proper cooking practices

What I bring to the table

- Providing written feedback to journal submissions on a weekly basis

- Providing live weekly video/in-person coaching

- Unlimited access to me via email & text