Group Coaching

Virtual Course

Group coaching is now an optional add-on to go alongside the virtual course, GAPS Journey. For more information click here.

If you would like to run a group coaching locally for your community / church group I'd be happy to run the group virtually or in person to lead you through the material. Reach out for more info at .


"I thoroughly enjoyed group coaching with River. It’s been nice to be able to meet as a group and encourage one another in our individual journey to a healthier life. I love how she makes it personal through having you send in a weekly food journal with what you eat and thoughts and how you feel in it. And you can get individual feedback on how you are doing and have questions answered. This component really helped me along my journey in doing GAPS Intro. It’s nice to have this encouragement and comfort so I can rest assured that symptoms I feel aren’t wrong and just a normal part of GAPS Intro. I highly recommend you take full advantage of this aspect. Group setting is nice to be able to see everyone and find things in common and learn new things together and be able to support everyone’s unique journey in whatever stage they are on. Through this program I was/am able to take back my health and really make lasting changes in my life. I now am leading a much healthier lifestyle and feeling great healing my gut through GAPS intro and already feeling so much better." -Hannah

"I'm so thankful for the opportunity to take River's group coaching. I came in looking to make some dietary changes in my life to help my overall health and wellbeing after a long journey of trying to kick refined foods and sugars from my diet. The course helped outline the importance of sourcing your food from local farmers, the benefits of incorporating different foods into your diet, and the science behind why it works. That alone was a real game changer for me after years of eating food that made me feel physically and mentally unwell. Being in the group dynamic helped me learn a lot from others who were also on this journey, even if they were on a different part of it. I really enjoyed learning from River's abundant knowledge, learning from the collective group, and feeling free to ask questions along the way in a very supportive atmosphere. I think this group coaching is great for anyone who's looking to make a change in their diet for themselves, their family, or future children, and are seeking some guidance and support along the way , no matter where you're at in your journey." - Annelise

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