My Story

My Path to Nursing, and its Dead End

As the oldest child I found myself taking care of our very sick momma, who did not have a good experience swimming through a health care system that couldn't help her. So, I went to nursing school to see if I could make a difference in the care people experience.

As a nurse, I met many patients like my mom that the system simply couldn't help. Medications treat symptoms but only food and lifestyle change can affect the root cause.

My Own Health Down the Toilet

Then, I started to watch my own health slip down the path of my mom's.

I was 22 and felt sick and tired ALL. THE. TIME.

I tried energy drinks with ginseng and B12,

I tried going gluten free (which helped a little),

I tried Auto Immune Protocol (which was exhausting and left me hungry all the time),

I tried antidepressants for a short time (which didn't help at all)

My Path to Healing

Finally, I found Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride's Gut and Psychology Syndrome book.
This book gave me my life back and got me back on the right track. I learned
that the power to heal my body was there all along hidden in the foods provided by God's beautiful creation. After a year of faithfully building my health through sweat and tears in the kitchen,
I transitioned off of GAPS to a diet guided by the Weston A Price Association's recommendations

...and just in the nick of time, because God has blessed Jabez and I

with our first baby! I am excited to share the skills I learned which helped me climb my way out of a pit of severe chronic fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, and autoimmunity- and most importantly: restore my gut health, helping me to give my little one their best chance at a leg up from the poor microbiome I was born with.

We Can't Do it Alone

Re-learning how to cook, clean, and live in a totally new way was SO much work.
I would have given up completely if I didn't have a friend alongside me who understood
what and why I was doing
this and encourage me to keep going.
(For me, that was my husband
-and hero- Jabez Yeo)

I am excited to create a space where you can find the support you need,
whether it's through individual or group
You don't need to walk this road alone. Call me your Wellness Sherpa
together we're going to find
your path to wellness!

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chronic fatigue, dairy intolerance, 8 cavities, joint pain, cystic acne
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