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About River Yeo RN CGP

My Path to Nursing, and its Dead End

As the oldest child I found myself taking care of our very sick momma, who did not have a good experience swimming through a health care system that couldn't help her. So, I went to nursing school to see if I could make a difference in the care people experience.

As a nurse, I met many patients like my mom that the system simply couldn't help. Medications treat symptoms but only food and lifestyle change can affect the root cause.

My Own Health Down the Toilet

Then, I started to watch my own health slip down the path of my mom's.

I was 22 and felt sick and tired ALL. THE. TIME.

I tried energy drinks with ginseng and B12,

I tried going gluten free (which helped a little),

I tried Auto Immune Protocol (which was exhausting and left me hungry all the time),

I tried antidepressants for a short time (which didn't help at all)

My Path to Healing

Finally, I found Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride's Gut and Psychology Syndrome book.

This book gave me my life back and got me back on the right track. I learned

that the power to heal my body was there all along hidden in the foods provided by God's beautiful creation. After a year of faithfully building my health through sweat and tears in the kitchen,

I transitioned off of GAPS to a diet guided by the Weston A Price Association's recommendations.

...and just in the nick of time, because God has blessed Jabez and I with our first baby! I am excited to share the skills I learned which helped me climb my way out of a pit of severe chronic fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, and autoimmunity- and most importantly: restore my gut health, helping me to give my little one their best chance at a leg up from the poor microbiome I was born with.

Where it all Started:

I used to live a few miles from the Delaware river and the Appalachian trail. At 5 years old, I would disappear into the green, running barefoot through the woods, climbing trees, rolling down grassy hills and picking wild raspberries. I like to say that we were designed to live immersed in nature- in a garden of abundance!

Why Do We Need Nourishing Traditions?

Why Do We Need Nourishing Traditions?

Today in our world, we are so far from that garden. The Standard American Diet (SAD) involves eating food that was genetically altered, grown in a soup of chemicals and processed heavily by machines into "food" fortified with synthetic "vitamins", "flavorings" and "food colorings" wrapped in packaging that is made of toxic plastics and metals. The average pantry is full of a "toxic soup" that has been marketed to us as "food". That's actually the food that filled my childhood pantry -and my mom's childhood pantry. And boy, have we paid the price as a family with our health.

Thanks to the help of the Weston A Price Foundation and Dr Natasha Campbell McBride, many are relearning what real food is and its power to nourish our bodies. Today our family eats REAL FOOD. There is so much power packed into every bite of real food we eat. This real food -and the traditional methods of cooking it- is the basis of my practice. Real food is as close to nature as we can manage, which means most of it doesn't come in a package. Much of it comes from a local farm, and most of it is raw ingredients or was made by someone we trust. Our fridge is stocked with homemade probiotic foods, pastured meat and dairy products, and beyond organic regenerative-agriculture-farmed local fresh produce. And don't forget organ meats!

Why Do We Need GAPS?

As a child, I had IV antibiotics for Lyme's Disease, I had 5 rounds of oral antibiotics in a row thanks to a recurrent strep infection. I traveled internationally and spent months on strong malaria medication. Now I realize how the damage to my gut I sustained from these medications led to a myriad of issues throughout my teen years: joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, acne, and depression. I exercised (I even did a mini-triathlon). I ate "healthy" food, and almost no sugar. But my problems only continued to get worse.

Most of us have grown up without any knowledge of any medicine other than pharmaceuticals, and our gut health has paid the price. Most of us carry around imbalanced communities of yeast and bad bacteria. That's where GAPS comes into my practice. Dr Natasha Campbell McBride does a fabulous job of explaining Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome. Her prescription for food, supplements, and lifestyle detox measures is just what the doctor ordered! I felt like a fog lifted when I started the GAPS intro protocol. It has enabled me to clear out the unwelcome residents from my body and one by one re-incorporate every food group back into my diet! I'm thrilled to be a certified GAPS practitioner and to help others walk through this individualized healing protocol.

Check out my Video Playlist: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, How? of GAPS

Listen in to my conversation about GAPS with
Chelsea Blackbird, the Christian Nutritionist

(2:20) My Backstory: leaving conventional medicine to become a Certified GAPS practitioner. Family’s history of chronic disease. Struggles with chronic fatigue, How River found GAPS, preparing for pregnancy

(9:30) The origin of the GAPS diet and Dr. Natasha. Who is a good candidate for the GAPS diet. Germ theory vs terrain theory.

(15:50) Overview of what’s involved in the GAPS diet: Meat stock vs. bone broth. Diet, supplementation, and lifestyle. Beyond organic food.

(21:54) The importance of animal sources of food

(29:30) Variations within the GAPS Protocols. Intro the diet. Full Gaps diet. Fermented foods. Dairy, raw milk.

(39:42) More about my course GAPS Journey

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